Knives as a passion

Making and selling handmade knives for over 14 years. My current log is about 4 months.

Complete satisfaction

Your knife is what you want or your money back.

Biulding something that lasts

Quality workmanship and the finest materials available means your knive should outlast you if used and cared for properly.


SFC Jakob R.

 Wedding Knives
I own several of John Sockwells Knives. He built my wedding knives- a drop point light weight blade with knurled Maple Handles, I have used that knife for everything from cleaning fish to skinning a 200LBS Wild Boar and have never had it dull or fail. My best men have carried the knives hunting everywhere from Canada to Mexico and love the feel and strength of the blades.

Belt Knife (Woods Walker)
After breaking an unbelievable amount of other brand name knives as an Infantry Instructor  due to constant hard use during class cycles. I contacted John and after a few emails back and forth he started work on my belt knife, delivery was a couple months later. Since I got it I have carried it every day and I have not been able to find the failure point with this knife to include having to use it to cut aluminum bands on an ammunition pallet when the bolt cutters were forgotten. Hands down the best work horse of a knife you could ask for

John builds the best knives I have ever handled, I like how he worked with me to find the right fit for what I wanted the knives to do and his quality of craftsmanship is beyond compare. I will be ordering my boys first hunting knives from him in the next months.

Tommy L.

 I have purchased several knifes from John and have been well pleased with everyone.   The time and craftsman ship on every knife is excellent.   The knifes fit well in my hands in at work and the hunting knife is the perfect knife for for skinning deer and other game.  

Kevin U.

+ Awesome knives! I have 5 knives myself that John has made for me, plus 2 that I have given as gifts. I have two that I use pretty much daily and the other three are just for showing off. The knife I carry at work is an attention get'r for sure because when they see the sheath they automatically want to see the knife! Thanks John! 

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